The Nightmare Factory

999 Locust Street NE, Salem Or


On the campus of the Oregon School for the Deaf

This event takes place on a school campus.

This event takes place on the campus of the Oregon School for the Deaf.

  • All bags, purses, backpacks, fanny packs, etc are subject to search prior to purchasing tickets. No alcohol is permitted on campus. Any one found in possession of alcohol will be asked to leave.

  • Any one deemed under the influence of alcohol or any other controlled substance will not be permitted on campus, or access to a ticket to this event.

  • Unruly behavior, foul language, line jumping, etc may be reason for removal from the event.

  • We have a strict no touching policy at the Nightmare Factory, any guest found touching the actors or sets, Will be asked to leave.

  • The Nightmare Factory uses a multi camera security system for your safety and ours. You will be recorded.

  • No refunds.

  • No pictures allowed once inside the Nightmare Factory. TURN OFF ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES!

  • Please put all electronic devices away prior to entering the Nightmare Factory.

  • NO Smoking, you are on a school campus!

WARNING: People with heart conditions, seizures, asthma be warned: Fog machines, strobe lights, specialty lights and high startles in use!
Located at the Oregon School for the Deaf
VIP TICKETS on sale at Costco in Salem, Albany and Wilsonville, while supplies last.
Two for $28.99!
TTwo Haunts for the price of one...
Experience the Nightmare Factory in total darkness.

For two nights only the lights go out and the creatures run free.

Groups of no more than three allowed in at one time.
(each group gets one small glow stick).


November 6th and 7th 7:00 -11:00

$20.00 per person. No group rates these nights.