Chilling Online Horror Games On Online Casino Sites

Welcome to the nightmare factory Salem, an indie game blog for horror games, that is sure to spook the hell out of you. You will find many people who would endorse the view of banning horror as a genre, but my personal experience says that those are the people who buy the tickets for the first day and first show of Annabelle or The Nun. Horror movies have a thrill that gives you an instant adrenaline rush like that of a roller coaster ride. The popularity of horror games has inspired the game makers to build the best online horror games. Many of them are even available in an adapted version in the best online casinos in Canada, introducing the genre as a trend and giving the gaming industry a whole new meaning and perspective. So, if you haven’t had a bite of horror games in online casinos yet, you’ve come to the right place to get convinced to.

Introduction To Indie Games

What are indie games? The indie in indie games stands for independent, which means they are created independently without any financial support from the game publishers. This genre became popular in the latter half of the 2000s. the popularity of these games often depends on digital distribution and innovations. The best popular indie games are Undertale, Braid, World of Goo, Minecraft, and Cuphead which have been a huge financial success. Not because they have become fast selling games, but because they have a lower budget being an independent studio and still sold a fair lot. It’s not like sports betting where everyone goes to famous sites like this and deposit hundreds of dollars and that is millions of people doing it the same time, but here you actually have a chance to win something, so that’s why people do it, it can be very rewarding.

History Of Salem, Oregon

Other than the fact that Salem situated in the banks of Willamette River on a site formerly known as the Indian village of Calapooya in 1842 by Jason Lee who was a British missionary in search of a new land; and that it became the capital of Oregon in 1851, there is another rather interesting dimension to its history. Oregon witch the trial is known to be the largest witch hunt that got many men and women prosecuted for their hysteric behavior. However, the best thing to see when you are in Salem, Oregon is the Salem deaf school haunted house which is a school for hearing disabled children up to 18 years of age. But why are we talking about a deaf school in an article that promises horror elements? Because this school is the mother of the infamous nightmare factory Salem. The nightmare factory Salem Oregon is an amusement factory for those who are in love with scary horror movies. The nightmare factory Salem Oregon offers items like Live Zombie Infection, scare again pass, Mr. Booger’s Wild Ride and many more stuff to scare the shit out of you. Mr boogers show in the nightmare factory Salem is a show of creepy, disgusting and scary clowns.

Best Horror Card And Board Games

The best online horror games come with the disclaimer of players should be of the age 14+. And you will know the reason for this disclaimer once you play them. Here are the best online horror games or board games that can be played by 1 to 8 players at a time.

Mansions of Madness: it is an RPG where players are the investigators who come to find out the reason behind the weird things that are happening in Innsmouth and Arkham.

Betrayal at House on the Hill: it’s a game where the players become the traitors and the haunts start coming their way.

Dead of Winter: this game is set up in the heights of the winter and the players have to survive from the grasp of the zombies.

Nyctophobia: as the name suggests, the game is all about the fear of the dark secrets of the night and darkness.

Psycho Raiders: here the players are innocent campers who have been attacked by the raiders and the game is all about saving the players from the raiders.

The Bloody Inn: this one is a rather gory game which requires you to murder the guests that come to the inn that you own and dispose of the corpse before they are discovered.

Machina Arcana: this game is placed in a dungeon of the neo-victorian era where the players have to survive the terrors of Machina Arcana.

Mysterium: this is a team game where one player will play the role of the ghost who can communicate with other members with the help of dream cards.

Mythos Tales: this game also deals with the investigation of the unrelatable things that are happening in the land of Mythos.



Best Online Horror Games

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