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Hey, Board Gamers! Today we’re going to go over a few board games for a night full of fear and terror. The theme or game dynamics usually achieve this.

Regarding the theme, every game may take place in some fantasy world where creatures of the night and hordes of zombies inhabit. Another point can be a crime that players will have to solve before they are killed or go crazy. Then we can always improve it with a terrifying soundtrack and if you are already very nerdy with some attire that will match!

  1. Mansions of Madness

We start with the table game Mansions of Madness – the second. If you don’t know this game, it’s time to take note. As its own name indicates, the game runs in a mansion where something has happened, and brave players will have to discover it. On their way, they will open doors, finding clues and monstrous creatures that will want to destroy them! Besides, little by little, these will lose their points of sanity and life, so they can end up crazy and turn against the rest of the players.

The Mansions of Madness – Second Edition has an App that will be the master of the game and will show us how to advance in it, showing new rooms and tracks throughout the game.

  1. Mysterium

In another mansion where a horrible crime has taken place, and a ghost who wants to reveal the truth lives is in the Mysterium board game. In this game, we will go against the law to discover who, how, and where I perpetrate the crime of which they accused the poor ghost who lives in that house. It will give players clues through surrealist cards. Undoubtedly Mysterium is a modernized blend of the famous Cluedo with touches of fantasy with its letters reminiscent of Dixit.

  1. Fury of Dracula

Another board game in which creatures of the night Roam is Dracula’s Fury, in which players will have to discover and capture Dracula, but he travels fast and takes advantage of the night. Fury of Dracula is a game of deduction and gothic horror. One of them will be Count Dracula, who wants to obscure the whole of Europe with his evil and the rest will be typical characters like Van Helsing or Lord Arthur Godalming.

  1. Sherlock Holmes: Detective Adviser

Another perfect game for a night of intrigue and suspense is Sherlock Holmes: Detective Adviser, with which players will have to be more days that the best detective of the story. It won’t be easy, but it can keep us entertained for a few hours. It is a genuinely original board game, as it is based on a case book, a newspaper, a map of London and a guide to it. If you already know this great game, don’t miss his show Carlton House, where we’ll find new cases to solve.

If you get together many players, we can also propose two simpler and shorter games perfect for Horror Nights:

  1. Black Stories – Board game

This is a series of card games from collections of awkward and morbid stories, based on cases or real history. One of the players will have to read a short descriptive text of a story, which led to the situation described and the rest of the players will have to ask questions that this can only be answered with “Yes” or “No” to guess the case.

  1. The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow

This is a game of cards with different roles, in which are found the villagers, Wolves, The Witch, The Girl, The Hunter. The objective of each side will be to destroy all the members of the other hand, but this will not be easy, since the camp of the villagers in principle does not know the idleness of those wolves. After dawn, trials and convictions will take place!