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While the world is buzzing with the imminent arrival of blockbusters like Far Cry 5, Red Dead Redemption 2 and (hopefully) Crackdown 3 on Xbox One X, we don’t forget the independent developers. Don’t forget Jonathan Blow’s huge job on Braid, the brilliant Undertale. And most importantly, we do not forget one of the best indie games in history: Spelunky.

From Fez to Papers, Please and Bastion to Don’t Starve, each year independent games are praised by critics and players alike. Spoiler alert, this will be the case in 2019. Here are the indie games we can’t wait to play next year. Like, really.

  1. Super Meat Boy Forever

To say we’re looking forward to the Super Meat Boy sequel is an understatement. This sequel will be completely rethought, as Edmund McMillen (a member of the Original Meat Team) has packed his bags to develop his games (The End is Nigh, The Binding Of Isaac). Super Meat Boy Forever is designed by a new team, led by Tommy Refenes and Kyle Pulver.

While maintaining the aesthetics and assets of the first episode (and The Flash game that preceded it), Super Meat Boy Forever will have completely new gameplay. Instead of giving you complete freedom of movement, you can simply control the jumps and powers of Meat Boy. In the game, which will also release PS4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch, you will be able to jump and attack while browsing the levels, slip under obstacles and try to beat again Dr. Fetus, who kidnapped Nugget, your offspring. The game will probably be just as weird, considering the trailers, and just as great. We can’t wait.

  1. Indivisible

Given the work done by Zero Games on Skullgirls, we have the right to wait impatiently Indivisible. This title, which looks like a living watercolor, was fully funded on IndieGoGo in December 2015. The game has been in development for a long time. This is an RPG action that includes elements of the platform game. When we played the demo a few years ago, the fights were fluid. And since the project was taken over by 505 Games, we’re not the only ones who saw the potential. Supposed to be released in the fall of 2018, this game is expected to land on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch.

  1. The Last Night

Despite its generic title, the first game of Odd Tales aroused our curiosity at the E3 2017 press conference. With its graphics mixing pixel art and 3D, The Last Night addresses a problem in the air of time. In the game, Charlie, the main protagonist, is part of the working class, in a world where computers perform tasks previously performed by humans.

Well, the narrative remains fairly basic, but it’s incredibly engaging. This narrative adventure game, which uses many cinematic platform codes, was released on Xbox One and PC in 2018. The icing on the cake, if you want to test the version of The Last Night created during a game jam, you can do it for free on itch.io now.

  1. Wychwood

Stardew Valley’s success has inspired many independent developers. Like those of AlienTrap, who have forgotten the retro graphics (which are very popular right now) to create a magical universe that looks like a fairy tale. In Wytchwood, there will be puzzles, spells, many characters and a much more elaborate story than in other titles of the genre. In short, we can’t wait to dive into this magical world next year on PC.

  1. Ooblets

If someone has the idea of creating a game that looks as much like Stardew Valley as it does Pokémon, you’re selling mom and dad so you can play it. Well, say goodbye to your spawners, because that’s the spirit of Ooblets. A game developed by Rebecca Cordingley and Ben Wasser. Well, they also said that they were inspired by Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon, but the plot convinced us. Ooblets are creatures that you can capture, and with which you can fight. But you can also decorate your house and make friends. For once, this is not an indie game that comes “”only”” on PC. It will also be released on Xbox One.