Infected NightMare

Can you make it out without being infected?

You now can experience the Nightmare Factory in a whole new interactive way.

For an additional $10.00 you can buy a infection detector, The tag is yours to keep.

Human players start out with a GREEN TAG and must survive by avoiding zombies and finding health kits or a healer. If they find all the health kits, (become a healer) they can disable zombies and help other humans stay alive.

Zombies have RED TAGS and seek out humans, Infection happens when a zombie player’s badge gets within 3 feet of a human player’s badge. If “infection” is successful, the human player will become a zombie if he/she does not find a health kit in time, and the player’s badge will turn red.

The ZTAG is yours to keep, you can buy a reduced admission to play again, you must have a tag to qualify for this pricing. You will need both a ZTAG and a ZTAG ticket.

Everyone in your group must purchase a ZTAG in order to play. There is a separate ZTAG line, you do not wait in the general admission line.